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Sunday, 28 May 2006



Poor Rosie! Give her some kisses and hugs from me...


You shouldn't really need to go that route as long as you cleaned it very well and can keep it clean. One hair in a wound can spur a nasty infection. Make sure to change the bandage every day and clean the wound. Don't use hydrogen peroxide-it tends to do more damage to the healing tissue. Just use saline wound wash and get some vet wrap. You can get it at the feed store if you have one near. It sticks to itself, is not that expensive at the feed store and will keep the wound clean til it heals. (I used to be a vet tech-saw lots of these kinds of wounds)Of course, being a dog person you probably know it as well, just wanted to put in my two cents. Poor poor thing, hope she heals quickly.


Oh no. Poor sweet Rosie. Sending out lots and lots of healing thoughts and good vibes. How are you holding up?

Liza Lee Miller

Thanks ALL of you for your concern and suggestions. Her foot is well bandaged and vet wrapped. The first change it all looked good. She's been VERY quiet. Staying down a lot. Very thirsty. Good signs, she was up and eager for dinner last night. Not so great signs, she's not walking around much. She's staying put and resting. When she had her major surgeries after the car accident when she was 5, I had to force her to rest.
I'll keep you posted!

air yeezy

Where not to eat bread with tears, people do not know the taste of life of people.

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