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Thursday, 23 March 2006



Kevin will do just fine and don't forget, he will be on the tour after the show. I also agree that Bucky should probably go next. Have you picked a winner yet?

Liza Lee Miller

I can't really decide who will win -- I think they are leaning heavily towards Katherine but so much depends on song choices and how well they handle the themes. I think the most talented is Chris. It's almost as if they should just tell him to pack it in and give him a record deal and continue the show without him. But, you can't write off Taylor and Paris. I fear Lisa is going soon and I think it's mostly because she followed the judge's advice and went youthful. Kellie Pickler is an interesting one. I think she could overplay her wide eyed country girl act -- maybe she already did "What's a ballsy?" But the country fans will love her. And, when Bucky is gone, she'll catch all of that vote. Interesting.

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