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Friday, 24 March 2006



Oh, Liza, that is tough. That poor kid. Sometimes there is nothing that you can do.

As for the one (1) parent that thinks there isn't enough writing, what about the other 20 or so parents who think that there is? Cut yourself some slack, and besides, you can't please everyone all the time.

Hang in there.


Excuse me, but where is the parents involvment? If that parent wants more writing then when doesn't she involver herself in her childs education and do some writting projects at home. I have started teaching enrichment classes at our local elementary school and I can't believe the stories I hear about parents just checking out of their childs education. Sounds to me like you really care about your kids so I wouldn't stress over this parents complaint.

Liza Lee Miller

To be fair, the complaining parent is involved in her child's education. She volunteers in my classroom. She's active in the school. She has concerns and I understand them. I just think that in some ways her expectations of school are TOO high -- which is funny. On the same day, I've got a kid burning down the school because his parents are so totally disengaged -- I've got a parent complaining because she's overly engaged. Can't win sometimes. :)

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