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I'm a 4th grade teacher at a fantastic small town school in the Santa Cruz mountains with a wonderful husband, two adorable kids, and two sweet dogs.


Born in 1964, I didn't grow up in one place. I traveled around the country -- even the world -- as my father was in the Air Force. We lived in Montanta, England, California, Alabama, Florida, and Texas by the time I was in the third grade. My parents divorced at that time. We were living in Austin, Texas. We stayed there for the next 3 years -- with a short jaunt to live near Denver, Colorado. Then my sister and I lived in Germany with my father and step-mom for 9 months. Shortly after we came home, my father was killed in a helicopter accident in Germany.

Shortly after that, my mom moved us to California -- not the beaches and sun -- but the mountains. We lived in June Lake with my stepfather, Igor. We skiied in the winters, fished in the summers, and generally enjoyed living very small town life for a couple of years. As high school approached, my parents worried about the smallness of that small town high school and we moved to the San Lorenzo Valley, near Santa Cruz.

I attended San Lorenzo Valley High School for four years. I met my husband, Greg, there. After school, I went to San Francisco State University. Then I did 1 year at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. We got married in 1988. We lived in Fremont for a year and then moved to East Palo Alto where we lived for 13 years. I worked at Stanford University during those years -- eventually becoming a computer trainer. I expanded and worked at CaƱada College and Stanford's Continuing Studies Program during those years as well. I also spent those years raising and showing Labrador Retrievers.

In 1998, we had our daughter, Ruth. In 2000, we had our son, Gage. In 2001, we moved back to the San Lorenzo Valley and settled in Boulder Creek. We love it here -- small town life suits us.

In 2005, I went back to school to get my teaching credential in elementary education. I am currently teaching 4th grade at Boulder Creek Elementary School. It's where my kids both go and I love it there.


reading, writing, small quiltart, knitting, raising labrador retrievers